Specifications & Features

Evolution Drill Rigs announces the release of the FH1000, its newest addition to its range of multi-purpose surface drills. Of particular importance to EDR was to produce a machine with operational features and versatility, not currently available in the market. This has been achieved while maintaining an economical outcome. This powerful top head drive is available in either 3.9 or 6.9 M head stroke. Its hydraulic system has been based on the proven designs of the larger EDR drills and incorporates the same high quality componentry. The rotation head high torque low gear ratio allow for a stable rotation speed and fitment of an RC system. The rotation head helical gear train shares mostly common componentry with the larger FH1300. This allows for a robust design combined with quiet operation. These gearbox’s are designed in house by Evolution. Traverse is achieved using a cable over sheave system. A design objective was to achieve a smooth fine feed rate and improve service life of the head slides. This required high end material selection and reducing carriage slide contact loading with the mast.


Engineering Design

Experienced design engineers with many years drilling equipment experience. Designed to meet or exceed the relevant Australian and International Standards. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of all components in the critical load path. Design verification via 3rd party design consultants. Designed to meet the requirements of MDG15 and MDG41.


Safety & Environment

Safety has been a driver for this project with the design based on compliance with the Australian guidelines of MDG15 and the ISO standard EN16228-1&2 ‘Drilling and foundation equipment-Safety’. EDR decided to top mount the winch and fit as standard a failsafe winch overwind protection system. Hydraulic levers for set up and track drive are either interlocked or lockable to avoid accidental operation. The drill deck layout has been designed with maintenance accessibility a priority. Critical to achieving this was the top mount main winch and single cooler package. This allowed for better placement of components and hose routing around the deck. A single rear mast stay removes the need for deck access during rig set up.



• NQ Core 1150 meters
• HQ Core 786 meters
• HWT Core 518 meters
• RC 4": 198 meters (nominal)

• John Deer Power Tech 6.8L 155kW (208Hp)-(Opt 1)
• Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT (Opt 2)
• Cummins B5.9-173 (Opt 3)

• 97 kN (21,783 lbf)

• 45 kN (10,116 lbf)

• Up - 47 m/min (154 ft/min)
• Down - 30 m/min (98 ft/min)

• Top Head Drive
• Maximum Torque 5965 Nm (4400 ft/lb) in low gear
• 0 - 1500 Rpm speed range
• Two Speed Gearbox
• 100% Theoretical

• 88.4 kN (19,870 lbf) Maximum pull
• 55 M/min (180 ft/min)
• Mast Top Mounted
• 1 x Multi disc brake unit, Fail safe spring
activated, Hydraulic pressure release
• Main winch rope, safety factor to meet BS/EN791)
• 6 meter rod pull capacity

• Deck Mounted
• 13.5 kN (3044 lbf) Maximum Pull
• Rope capacity 1400 meters x 6mm rope
• 342 M/min (1124 ft/min) Maximum Speed

• Standard FMC W1122BCD 140Lpm @1000Psi


Download FH1000 Brochure here