FH3000 Specifications & Features


Engineering Design

Experienced design engineers with many years drilling equipment experience. Designed to meet or exceed the relevant Australian and International Standards Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of all components in the critical load path. Design verification via 3rd party design consultants. Designed to meet the requirements of MDG15 and MDG41


Safety & Environment

Latest generation Tier 4 emissions rated Cummins QSL 8.9 diesel engine. Exceeds the current emissions requirements for industrial engines. Extensive use of manifold blocks in the hydraulic system to reduce the number of fittings and hoses, therefore reducing the number of potential leak points. Catchment trays with an accessible drain point incorporated into the control cabinet design. Hinged control panel mount to allow better operator visibility and moves the operator from close proximity to the potential danger areas of the drill.

Main Winch Travel limiting system to prevent overwinding the hoist plug. Wireline winch safety stop system to automatically stop the wireline winch when the over shot reaches a predetermined point. Rod Spin guard with rotation interlock to protect the drill crew from the spinning drill rod. Acoustic enclosure fitted around the rig engine and hydraulic system to reduce noise emissions.



New Rotation Head design, reduced noise at high speed, increased efficiency via a selectable planetary gear system, increased torque and horsepower to the drill rods, dry sump pressurized oil system for head lubrication and cooling. Increased drilling capacity through higher pull back and main winch performance. Similar size foot print to smaller capacity drills. Head racking system to allow full clearance for large diameter rods and casing handling. Improved Traverse cylinder design with easily replaceable gland seals. The gland seals can be replaced without removing the cylinder. Automatic traverse rope adjustment via take up cylinders. Modular design principles have been used with a focus on improved maintenance access and ease of component change out. 



• NQ Core 2950 meters
• HQ Core 2000 meters
• Open hole 3 1/2" rods: 900 meters
• RC 4 ½": 600 meters (nominal)

• Cummins QSL Electronic
• 255kW (342Hp) @ 1800Rpm

• 280kN (62900 lb/f) Limited Speed
• 244.8kN (55033 lb/f) Full Speed

• 115 kN (25853 lb/f)

• 55.5 m/min (182 ft/min) maximum speed

• 27 kN (6069 lb/f) Maximum pull
• Rope capacity 3000 meters x 8mm
• 450 meters/min Maximum Speed

• Standard FMC W1122BCD 140Lpm @1000Psi
• Optional FMC L11-18SC 265 Lpm @ 1800 Psi

• Top Head Drive
• 14,324 Nm (10564 ft/lbf) in low gear
• 0 - 1500 Rpm speed range
• 100% Theoretical

• 226kN (50806 lb/f) maximum pull
• 100 M/min (328 ft/min) maximum speed
• 2 x Multi disc brake units, fail safe spring
  activated, hydraulic pressure release.
• 9 meter rod pull capacity

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